Social Gaming / Free Play Gaming 

The Isle of Man has no current plans to regulate Social Gaming and is therefore an ideal location to host and operate a Social Gaming Platform from. It is prudent that companies looking to establish their Social Gaming Platform in the Isle of Man confirms that their business fall outside the OGRA Regulations.

Affinity are ideally placed to advise new start ups and existing businesses in relation to their perspective plans.

Intellectual Property in the Isle of Man

The Isle of Man is an ideal location to protect your Intellectual Property interests as the Island  benefits from:

  • Political Stability;
  • UK Extension of Community Trade Mark System; and
  • Extensions of the following Act’s from the UK to the Isle of Man:
            - UK Patents Act 1977;
            - UK Trade Marks Act 1994; and
            - A Member of the Madrid Protocol under the auspices of the UK.


The Isle of Man has its own Copyright, Design and Patents Act 1988 and via the UK, the Island is a Member of the  Berne Convention, Paris  Convention and Rome Convention.

Attractive Corporate Tax System

Resident Corporate Tax Rate                      Zero (a)

Capital Gains Tax Rate                                Zero

Withholding Tax Rate:

Dividends                                                        Zero

Interest                                                            Zero (b)

Royalties                                                         Zero

A) The standard 0% rate of corporate tax applies to all profits derived by companies except for profits arising from land and property in the Isle of Man, certain banking businesses in the Isle of Man and, effective from 6th April 2013, retail businesses in the Isle of Man. These profits are subject to tax at a rate of 10%.

B) Information is exchanged automatically in all cases.





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